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Foundation Of Options Trading

If you are just starting out with option trading, this is the right course for you. This will set you up for success and build a foundation for Options Profit Formula to make conistent profits in the market.

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Options Trading Coaching

One-on-one coaching is the most efficient way of learning how to trade options. I will not only show you how to trade profitably but also prepare your trading psychology to be a consistent winner.

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Options Profit Formula

Look over my shoulder and see how I make money on my real account by trading in a nondirectional way. In 2012 I profited 91.5% on my real acount with my unique trading system that you can also duplicate.

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I think I was a lot like you right now. I know exactly how you feel...

Nagy Gery - OptionsRules

My way to successful options trading was long and tough. It was always hard to figure out where the market was going. I especially hated those trades when my position was closed by a stop order and then the market turned, but I was not there anymore. Not to mention that a stop order never meant a real risk management for me. Mainly this motivated me to take trading more seriously. After two years and two emptied accounts things started to improve.

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  • In all my years of trading various things, Gery's methods are the most reliable and profit producing I've seen. Most importantly I've made money from the very start. I'm loving the fact that I can support my lifestyle online in only a short amount of time.


  • Options Trading is a very new area of my trading experience. Gery's Options Trading Course was a real surprise for me as it exceeded all my expectations. I was amazed how clearly can Gery explain such a complex subject of trading. 


  • With Gery's OPF strategy I acquired a very specific practical knowledge that I can trade with high probability and in a nondirectional fashion. It is beautiful to see how time is working on my side day after day. I love watching it.


  • This is the best strategy I have ever stumbled across. It has completely changed my opinion about options trading. It made it clear how I can consistently make money month after month trading in a range with high probability and in a relaxed fashion.


  • OPF is just fantastic. I can wait for its next episod to be published by Gery. This is what I can learn the most from, because its practical, shows the thinking behind all the decisions and he is also doing it on his live account & real time. 


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Options Trading Blog

Options trading experience since 2005...

The way to become an option trader

The way to become an option trader

The other day, I received a request: "Gery, you could write about the way and the most important phases of becoming an option trader, because that is not explained anywhere."

Why not to short the market?

Why not to short the market?

Recently, one of my students asked me the question: "Gery,  how do you prepare for the market fall, how do you want to catch it?" My answer shocked him: I do not! Let's see why.

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